Buffalo Machinery has held a sport carnival to celebrate the 40th Anniversary at Daya Elementary School on 10th November. There were around 600 participants including all employees, and their families, as well as distinguished guests. President Dr Paul Chang sent his gratitude to all the staff and families for their efforts and support to make Buffalo reach the annual goal every year and thanks to the distinguished guests, because of their support, Buffalo had no worries in its work when it was striving to sprint.

Buffalo Machinery, as a pioneer in the mechatronic technology of Taiwan’s machine tool industry, with the belief of “Quality and Service Build our Business”, it produces high-quality machines and provides excellent customer service, and has become one of the fastest growing machine tool manufacturers in Taiwan.

Founded in 1979, it has been 40 years passing by. To celebrate Buffalo’s 40th birthday, Buffalo hosted a sport carnival to celebrate this special day. All the staff and their families are actively involved and celebrate together. Allparticipants showed their vitality and team spirit and together completed various competitions with excellent cooperation.

Buffalo has gradually progressed for these four decades, from a machine tool trading company to machine tool manufacturer and from a general machine tool builder to high-end machine tool provider and further to as a technology-oriented company and has become the first machine tool builder in Taiwan who provides the Industrie 4.0 compatible machine. Buffalo Machinery is striving toward to the goal to become Taiwan’s largest supplier of high-end machine tool manufacturer in 2023.