Buffalo successfully organized the 5-Axis Products and Industry 4.0 symposium at Shah Alam City, the capital of Selangor State, Malaysia. There were around 120 guests attending the symposium, including distributors, end-users and the potential customers of local industry.

The beneficial to keep abreast of 5X machining” as the theme of the symposium, mainly introduced the guests to deeply explore the benefits by using 5-axis machining centers and understand the current technology trend of Industry 4.0.

For the manufacturing industry, high-speed and high-precision 5-axis machining technology and Industry 4.0 applications are the best strategies for intelligent production and 24/7 automated production in today’s manufacturing environment. AXILE 5X machine embraces the ability to machine complex shapes in a single setup, which saves time, reduces cost and minimizes operator error, as well as increases productivity and efficiency for the customers. In addition, the new technology has increased the demand for mechanical reliability, data transmission and analysis. In order to cope with this trend, AXILE develops Industry 4.0 solution, the ARTTM System, to unite the suitable high-performance machine products with the Industry 4.0 system to transforms the production mode, through linking to the customers’ supply chains, production and customer service can bring customers the benefits from Industry 4.0.

Malaysia’s economic growth rate reached 4.7% in 2018, which is better than the market’s expected growth rate,4.5%, and the domestic demand is the main source of economy growth (manufacturing growth rate is 5%). However, after the public sector investment of Malaysia was reduced in 2018, it emerged effect of the private sector investment increase and turning to lead the infrastructure and manufacturing, which has brought about active trading in the industrial market. In particular, Malaysia has been actively developing into an automobile assembly production center in ASEAN countries in recent years, for the manufacture of automobiles and related components. There is a demand for machine tools and processing technology, so the local market is actively seeking to expand advanced manufacturing resources

The Malaysian manufacturing industry has always been Malaysia’s key economic pillar, and the Government has actively promoted the development of Industry 4.0 and set the goal to double the economic growth in 2025, with a value of RM 392 billion. Therefore, high productivity and efficiency technology will surely help to enhance industrial competitiveness. Guest were highly involved in symposium and showed great interests in Buffalo’s 5-Axis machines, as well as the discussion section about the function and performance of the ARTTM system, it can be foreseen that I4.0 solution will be in great demand in Malaysia and AXILE will have excellent performance in the Malaysian market in the near future.