Megjelent az AXILE márka 3 és 5 tengelyes, Industrie 4.0 technológiával készült termékeket lefedő palettája.

The idea of total automation is a breakthrough brought up by Industrie 4.0. This was the catalyst for AXILE and for AXILE Machinery to further improve our product quality. The introduction of the new brand AXILE indicates a breakthrough of not only AXILE Machinery but also MICROCUT THE CHALLENGER.

AXILE was created to offer high-end machines using state-of-the-art components whilst integrating the adoption of Industrie 4.0 principles, including interoperability, technical assistance and information transparency. As a global manufacturer of metal working machines, AXILE Machinery supplies a complete product line with various applications. With 35 years of industrial experience, the introduction of AXILE has been developed with the future of smart machining in mind. Incorporating Industrie 4.0, AXILE looks ahead and paves the way for smart technology in its new line of models that will premier this year in March at the 26th Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).

As much as the machining industry is focused on improving the infrastructure to meet Industrie 4.0, AXILE Machinery embarked on this concept earlier and more rapidly. Inspired by artificial intelligence and the agility of high-speed machining centers, AXILE was born. Industrie 4.0 requires existing machine capability to be adapted and upgraded, and the close integration of all systems to be able to exchange digital information. With innovative capability and the well-developed foundation of TQM to the organization, AXILE Machinery is committed to supplying reliability and stability to the high-end machine market. Through the help of statistical analysis and amelioration from model simulations, AXILE Machinery is taking on this cutting-edge trend of automation and smart technology.

AXILE Machinery will launch the AXILE product line of high-end 3-axis (V series) and 5-axis (G series) machines at TIMTOS 2017. All AXILE models are designed and built for high-speed machining, which are not only suitable for automation-driven factories with high reliability and high performance, but also focuses on the driven trend toward real-time monitoring, in-time amelioration, energy saving and machine learning capabilities.