Agility is the best word to define the identity of AXILE. Motor agility is the ability to move quickly and easily, which is the cornerstone of high-speed machining. Mental agility is the ability to think and understand quickly, to be smart in other words. This is why AXILE is agile smart machining.

AXILE is the logical consequence of the path started by AXILE in 2008 with the launch of its first 5X high-speed vertical machining center: the MCG-5X. Then in 2014, the MCU-5X was developed to cover a more competitive price market that was rapidly growing. With these 2 models alone, AXILE is already the leading company on 5X technology in Taiwan. AXILE will boost AXILE as one of the world players in the 5X high-speed machines growing segment.

2017 will be the confirmation of the strategy to pursue the way for higher technology products. AXILE will integrate all the accumulated knowledge and expertise gained in the last decade, and will push AXILE create further products and solutions to meet the high-sophisticated market demands.

Core competence: high-speed and 5X technologies

With AXILE, AXILE responds to the market demand of higher productive machines at more competitive prices. AXILE will present products based on high-speed and 5 axes technologies. Such technologies pursue lower manufacturing costs for complex products in countries facing high labor cost. But they also represent some serious challenges for accuracy and reliability. This is why AXILE dedicated almost a decade to research the necessary knowledge to dominate such technologies. We call it SMT: Smart Machining Technology. AXILE will integrate SMT and Industrie 4.0 technologies to cope with accuracy and reliability problems.